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App UZH now

Release 3.3 (September 2020)

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Features of the new version 3.3: functionalities of the UZH Card, Integration of student portal and emergency buttons.

On 15 September 2020 Version 3.3 of the “UZH now” app was released. In addition to its previous functions, the latest version includes important new features:

Digital UZH Card
The app now features some functions of your UZH Card. For example, you can show your digital UZH Card on your phone in cafeterias to get the discounted student or employee prices, or you can use it to gain access to the ASVZ sports facilities (employees only if authorization has been activated). Additional features are in the works.

Integration of student portal
The student portal has also been added to the UZH now app. Through “My Studies”, students can directly access their personal information and service functions in the student portal.

Emergency button and alarm
The emergency call function enables users to dial the right emergency phone number in emergencies, depending on their location, for example the number of the nearest UZH office when you’re at UZH (e.g. the relevant ServiceCenter to enable them to give paramedics your exact position), or the various official emergency response numbers when you’re outside UZH. In addition, the app can now show you relevant safety information relating to your current position on campus, such as where the university’s medical services or defibrillators are located. A planned update in a few weeks will also add a feature that can alert you in case of an emergency, depending on your location.

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